Puffins Class


We have had a fantastic first week at school, the children are so lovely and we are really looking forward to working with you all to give your children the best possible start to their school life. They have all settled into school so well and I am already very proud of them all.

For the next few weeks the children will be learning all of the school routines and rules and getting to know myself, Mrs Duncan, Miss Keenan and each other. It is important for myself and Mrs Duncan to learn each child’s individual characters in order to plan activities that are relevant to their development and so we will be asking the children over the next week to help us plan what activities they would like to see this term.

Our topics this term will be: ‘Good to be me’ and ‘Our wonderful World’.


In history, our study is focused around the question, ‘How does the Stone Age compare to life today?  We will learn about when the Stone Age was, how people lived, before focusing on the significance of such places as Skara Brae and Stonehenge.

In term  2 our focus question is, ‘How have the Stone , Bronze and Iron Ages impacted life today?  We will consider how life changed for people in Britain, with a focus on tools, weapons and homes. 


In computing we will begin by familiarising ourselves with logging on to different platforms and learning about how to keep ourselves safe online.  Following on from this we will be creating a document and learning how to edit it.  We will also carry out research to support our history topic.


In RE this term, we will be exploring the question: What is new about the Jewish New Year? The children will be encouraged to ask questions and discuss their ideas and opinions on what we explore.


This term we will be learning about the artist Marc Chagall and creating our own stained glass windows. 


This term, the children will be working on ball and multi skills. They will practice hand to eye
co-ordination using a tennis racket, and improve their rally skills.


In literacy, we will be focusing on three class texts: The Iron Man by Ted Hughes (primary text used for controlled reading), Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura and Stig of the Dump by Clive King (secondary texts linked to topic).

We will be recounters, adventure writers and poets, producing an exciting Stone Age adventure story, followed by a news report and kennings poems.

The children will also have weekly spellings which they should practice at home ready for a Monday test.


In science we will be focusing on Sound. We will start by looking at how sounds are made and how sound travels to our ears.  We will then investigate how sounds can change and how we can reduce sound.

In term 2 our topic is Electricity.  Our study will include building simple electrical circuits and investigating what happens when certain components are removed.  We will finish a look at which materials are good conductors and insulators.


This year we will be continuing our French curriculum from Cave Languages. This scheme helps children to develop their ability and confidence for speaking an writing in French. We will teach the language using phonics and looking at the grammar needed when writing.

We will start the term by looking at French greetings before moving on to look at classroom commands so the children can understand, use and write some simple instructions in French.


This year, the children will have weekly recorder sessions of 30 minutes. They will learn how to play different notes with their fingers in the correct positions and how to play in time with various pieces of music.



In PSHE this term, we will be covering the Jigsaw unit: Being Me in the World. Through this unit we will be creating our classroom rules and setting goals we would like to achieve this year.


This term, the children will be working on ball and multi skills. They will practice hand to eye
co-ordination using a tennis racket, and improve their rally skills.