Puffins Class

Puffins Planning Letter: Spring Term 3/4 2023 - Mrs Kent and Mrs Duncan


In maths, we will begin with learning about multiplication and division .

For the Year 3 children we will be consolidating our knowledge of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables before introducing the 3,4 and 8 times tables and related division facts.  For the Year 4 children we will be consolidating their knowledge of the 3,4 and 8 times tables before introducing the 7 , 9, 11 and 12 times tables and related division facts.

Following on from that we will consolidate our knowledge of measurement (Year 3-millimetres, centimetres & metres/Year 4-kilometres and metres) before learning to calculate the perimeter of different shapes.

Fractions will be our last topic, when we will learn to compare and order fractions before learning about equivalent fractions.


In history, our study is focused around the question, ’Why did the Egyptian civilisation last so long?’ We will learn about the geography of Egypt before focusing on the significant achievements of the Egyptians.

In term   our focus question is, ‘What have archaeologists taught us about Ancient Egypt?’  We will consider this in relation to our understanding of pyramids, Pharaohs, mummification and Tutankamun.


In computing Year 3 will be having fun with Block coding.  This is a basic programming activity that will allow the children to gain an understanding of how coding works.  Year 4 will be creating an E Book about the Ancient Egyptians.


In RE this term, we will be exploring the question: What is the Trinity? The children will be encouraged to ask questions and think about ideas and opinions through discussion, writing and art.


This term we will be learning about electrical

circuits. The children will design, make and evaluate their own buzz the wire game.


This term, Puffins will be concentrating on their gym skills. Year 3 are also excited to be taking part in  the online East Sussex School Games Multi Skills Festival. Year 4 will support in a mentoring role.


In literacy, we will be focusing on two class texts:

Varjak Paw by S L Said (primary text used for controlled reading),

Flat Stanley. The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery by Jeff Brown (secondary text linked to History & Geography).

In Term 3 we will be describers and letter writers. In Term 4 we will be informers, instructors and story tellers.

The children will also have weekly spellings which they should learn at home ready for their Monday test.


In science we will be focusing on Living things and their habitats. We will start by looking at how we can group (classify) different living things and the use of classification keys.

In term 4 we will look more closely at different habitats and how they are effected by the environment.


This term Puffins will be continuing their French curriculum using Cave Languages.

The children  will be learning simple introductory sentences. They will develop their understanding of pronouns and gain the confidence to engage in  simple conversational exchanges.


This term, the children will continue to have a weekly recorder session. They will learn how to play different notes with their fingers in the correct positions and how to play in time with various pieces of music.


This term Puffins will be discussing relationships in relation to community, how people look, and online safety.


Each week, the children will have the following homework: spellings to learn, a maths worksheet and reading at least 3x a week . We also ask that the children choose one activity from the homework menu to complete each term. We strongly suggest that the children complete activities on Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars to support their learning as well. Additional efforts will be recognised and praised!