Spring Term Newsletter 2018-19

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Spring Term Home Learning

Please complete one task per fortnight and bring your home learning book in to school the following Monday please.

Draw a detailed diagram of the water cycle. Draw and label a map of the continents and label them – include the oceans on your map too. Create a fact file on the River Amazon. Research the different types of music, food and religions from a South American country.
Create the continents out of playdoh or spaghetti learning their names and where they are situated on a map. Research 5 river animals and make a power point presentation. Create an illustrated map of each continent showing where major rivers and cities are located. Which continent has the largest population? Find out and put the information into a graph. www.ecology.com/world-population-continent
Write a story with a watery theme – it could be about rivers or a marine animal? Create a collage of images from different places you have visited. Which continents have you visited? Make a crossword puzzle or word search containing the features of a river. Make an information leaflet all about the Amazon rainforest.
Create a small model (no bigger than A4) of the features of a river and label it. Write a poem entitled ‘Our World’ Create and carry out an experiment that shows the effects of air resistance on objects. Take photos! Create your own front cover and blurb for a book about a river journey.

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