Puffins Autumn Curriculum Newsletter – Stone Age

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Literacy Development

  • Weekly spellings will be given out and tested on Monday mornings.
  • Grammar-based activities will also take place throughout Literacy lessons and every morning.
  • This term our focus book will be Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura and Stig of the Dump by Clive King.
  • Through our chosen books we will be looking at writing our own time-slip stories – focusing on setting, plot and characters.

Maths Development

  • Place value – reading and writing numbers, more or less of a number, ordering, comparing.
  • Multiplication and division – knowing times tables to 12 and division facts.
  • Written and mental addition and subtraction – column method and estimation.
  • Measuring items and their length using appropriate equipment (mm, cm and m).
  • Measuring perimeter of 2D shapes.


  • We will be learning about The Stone Age through to The Iron Age this term.#
  • How they farmed, collected and hunted their food to survive.
  • Looking at Religion, technology and travel.
  • Iron Age Hill Forts – for living and defence.

Science – Sound and Electricity

  • Looking at sound as vibrations and how sound travels.
  • Simple circuits
  • Conductors of electricity – What is a conductor? What does it do?
  • Electrical safety


  • Studying cave paintings from the Stone Age and being able to create our own through a variety of different materials and resources.
  • Improving our drawing and painting techniques.
  • Recording and evaluating our ideas into sketchbooks.


  • Recorder lessons will take place every Wednesday morning for the school year.
  • Children will have their own recorder.


French lessons with Mrs Holbrook will take place every Friday morning.


  • This term PE lessons with Mark Potter will be on a Wednesday afternoon.
  • Swimming lessons will take place on Thursday afternoons at Freedom Leisure pool in Uckfield (near UCTC).


Term 1

  • Judaism - Festival of Sukkat (Harvest)
  • Homes and synagogues
  • Rosh Hashanah – Jewish New Year
  • Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement

Term 2

  • Christianity around the world
  • Celebration of Christianity around the world.
  • Christmas in other countries
  • Comparison of Christmases around the world.


As we start a new year we shall be looking at the importance of staying safe online. We shall be talking about ‘strong passwords’ and how we can search the web safely. Our main computing topic will be revisiting and revising basic coding; progressing to how we can use the programme LOGO to draw various shapes and designs.


  • Our core theme this term is Relationships.
  • Term 1 – New Beginnings
  • Term 2 – Getting on and falling out

Useful websites

Parents and Carers

If any parents would like to come and talk about aspects supporting our topic, to come and hear children read or are available for trips please let me know.