Spring Term Newsletter 2018-19

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Welcome back and Happy New Year!  This term our exciting new topic is CHOCOLATE which will give us lots of opportunities to learn through a range of subjects and experiences.

In Literacy we will be reading the book Grendel by David Lucas which will lead us to learning about different sentence types (commands and questions), rules for politeness to help the character Grendel and predicting what three wishes Grendel will make as well as writing about what our own three wishes would be if we were asked.  We will be comparing this book to the story of King Midas where everything he touches turns to gold.  After half term we will be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

In Maths this term we will be learning multiplication and division.  It would be very helpful if they could be practising counting up in 2s, 5s and 10s with you at home.  A good way of doing this is counting coins.  I will be running a Homework / Mathletics Club on Tuesdays so I will be available to help children accessing Mathletics work set.  I hope lots of children will come along and also access Mathletics at home as it is such a good way to support them with their Maths fluency.

In Science we will be working scientifically as we explore how different types of chocolate melts and compare methods of melting it.  We will also be tasting and comparing different types of chocolate.  In Computing we will be looking at the importance of staying safe online and learning to create music using digital tools. We will also be using a search engine to find out information and writing some simple algorithms to give an end result. In Geography we will be learning about where chocolate comes from as well as how chocolate is made. In History we will be learning about the history of chocolate and ordering events on a time line.

In PSHE we will be learning about fair trade, the benefits to the grower and our role as consumer. We will also be discussing the importance of making healthy food choices and understanding that chocolate is a treat and should be eaten only occasionally.  In RE we will be learning about Judaism and the festival of Shabbat. In Music we will be exploring pitch and rhythm as well as learning some songs from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory musical.  After half term we will be having a DT week when we will be designing and marketing our own chocolate bar!

Important Things to Remember

P.E will continue to be on Fridays (with Ian) and Mondays (dance with Zara).  Spellings to practise daily will be sent home on Wednesdays for a dictation assessment every 2 weeks.  Please make sure your child has the following in school each day:

  • Full PE kit.
  • Spelling book
  • water bottle.

Purple Mash